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Welcome to the UK HPR1000, Generic Design Assessment (GDA) website

Generic Design Assessment (GDA) for the UK HPR1000 reactor technology was successfully completed by General Nuclear System Limited, with the issue of a Design Acceptance Confirmation (DAC) from Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and a Statement of Design Acceptability (SoDA) from the Environment Agency on 7 February 2022.

During the four step GDA process, starting in January 2017, the UK’s regulators, the Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency, provided independent scrutiny to ensure that new nuclear power station designs proposed for the UK meet high standards of safety, security, and environmental protection.

The GDA is undertaken before a developer has formed detailed proposals for a specific site, allowing the regulators to identify potential design or technical concerns early and ask the designer to resolve them.

General Nuclear System Limited was established to act on behalf of the three joint requesting parties (CGNEDF and General Nuclear International) to implement the GDA of the UK HPR1000 reactor; more information on the each of these companies and the structure of General Nuclear System Limited can be found on the about us page. For practical purposes, General Nuclear System Limited is referred to as the ‘UK HPR1000 GDA Requesting Party’.

Within this site you will find information on the GDA process, HPR1000 reactor technology, design, safety and environmental features. You can also access the range of technical documents that have been submitted to the regulators throughout the process in our document library.