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The below abbreviations relate to both the website and the Preliminary Safety Report (PSR) document, which can be found in the Step 2 Documents library. The PSR itself contains a full glossary, which should be referred to when reading the submission.

ABWRAdvance Boiling Water Reactor
ACAlternating Current
ACIAmerican Concrete Institute
ACPAuxiliary Control Panel
ACPRAdvanced Chinese Pressurized Reactor
ACTAverage Coolant Temperature
ADUAdsorption & Demineralizing Units
AFCENFrench Association for Design, Construction and In-Service Inspection Rules for Nuclear Steam Supply System Components
AFFFAqueous Film-forming Foam Concentrate
AFoEAnnual Frequency of Exceedance
AIAnalogue Input
ALARPAs Low As Reasonably Practicable
ALARAAs Low As Reasonably Achievable
ANTAdvanced Nuclear Technology
AOAnalogue Output
AOOAnticipated Operational Occurrence
AOPsAbnormal Operating Procedures
AOTAllowed Outage Time
APCAirplane Crash
APIAxial Power Imbalance
ARIAll Rods In
AROAll Rods Out
ASAlloy Steel
ASEPAccident Sequence Evaluation Program Human Reliability Analysis Procedure
ASFActive Single Failure
ASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
ATAuxiliary Transformer
ATWSAnticipated Transient Without Scram
AVTAll Volatile Treatment
BATBest Available Technique
BSSDBasic Safety Standards Directive
B 4 CBoron Carbide
BDBABeyond Design Basis Accident
BEBest Estimate
BGSBritish Geological Survey
BNIBalance of Nuclear Island
BOCBeginning Of Cycle
BOLBeginning Of Life
BOPBalance of Plant
BPBreak Preclusion
BRBattery Room
BRGMBureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières
BSLBasic Safety Level
BSOBasic Safety Objective
BSSBasic Safety Standards
BTAMain Transformer Platform
BTPBranch Technical Position
BUPBack-up Panel
CAEClaims , Argument , Evidence
CB 1Concentration of Boron
CB 2Core Barrel
C/CControl of Containment
CCHCore Cavity Height
CDFCore Damage Frequency
CDMConstruction & Design Management
CET 1Containment Event Tree
CIConventional Island
C/IControl of RCP water Inventory
CICComponent Interface Cabinet
CISOChief Information Security Officer
CIPSCrud Induced Power Shifts
C/PControl of RCP pressure
C/RControl of Reactivity
C/TControl of RCP water Temperature
CCFCommon Cause Failure
CDFCore Damage Frequency
CEFASCentre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
CFSCapable Faulting Study
CFTCold Functional Test
CFTRVOCold Functional Test With Reactor Vessel Open
CGNChinese state-owned China General Nuclear Power Corporation
CHFCritical Heat Flux
CIMComponent Interface Module
CLCold Leg
CNSCivil Nuclear Security
COLCrossover Leg
COMAHControl of Major Accident Hazards
COTCore Outlet Temperature
CPCirculation Pump
CPR1000Chinese Pressurized Reactor
CPR1000 +Chinese Improved Pressurized Reactor
CPUCentral Process Unit
CRComputer Room
CRDMControl Rod Drive Mechanism
CRGAControl Rod Guide Assembly
CRGTControl Rod Guide Tube
CS 1Carbon Steel
CS 2Core Support Structure
CSAConceptual Security Arrangements
CSPCore Support Plant
CSRCurrent Stress Regime
CTOChief Technical Officer
CWCivil Works
CWPCirculating Water Pump
CZPCold Zero Power
DAC 1Design Acceptance Confirmation
DAC 2Diverse Actuation Cabinet
DASDiverse Actuation System
DBDose Band
DBTDesign Basis Threat
DBA 1Design Basis Analysis
DBA 2Design Basis Accident
DBCDesign Basis Condition
DBEDesign Basis Earthquake
DBFDesign Basis Flood
DCDirect Current
DCSDigital Control System
DCHDirect Containment Heating
DCODevelopment Consent Order
DECDesign Extension Condition
DEC-ADesign Extension Condition A
DEC-BDesign Extension Condition B
DEIDose Equivalent Iodine
DHPDiverse Human interface Panel
DIDigital Input
DLChinese Electrical Industrial Standards
DNNominal Diameter
DNB 1Departure from Nucleate Boiling
DNBRDeparture from Nucleate Boiling Ratio
DODigital Output
DPDesign Pressure
DPURDose Per Unit Release
DRDrive Rod
DRCDe-aerated Reactor Coolant
DSMDefect Size Margin          
DSODepartmental Security Officer
DTCData Transmission Cabinet
EAEnvironment Agency
EASTEngineering Application Software Toolkit
EBA 1Enriched Boric Acid
ECEuropean Code
ECCEmergency Core Cooling
ECCSEmergency Core Cooling System
ECPEmergency Control Panel
EDGEmergency Diesel Generator
EDEddy Current
EDFFrench state-owned Électricité de France (EDF)
EDF EnergyEDF Energy is a British subsidiary of EDF Group
EDF S. A.Electricite de France
EDMGExtended Damage Mitigation Guidance
EFPDEquivalent Full Power Day
EFWPEmergency Feedwater Pump
EHFEngineering Principles-Human Factors
EIREnvironmental Impact Report
EJChinese Standards for Nuclear Industry
ELLDSE nd of L ife L imiting D efect S ize
EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility
EMCLEnvironmental Medic Concentration Limit
EMREnd of Manufacturing Report
EOCEnd Of Cycle
EOFEmergency Operation Facilities
EOLEnd Of Life
EOMMEquipment Operation and Maintenance Manuals
ENEuropean Norm
EOPsEmergency Operating Procedures
EOGsEmergency Operating Guidelines
EPREnvironmental Permitting Regulations
EPRIThe Electric Power Research Institute
EPRRSREnvironmental Permitting Regulations – Radioactive Substances Regulations
EPWExplosion Pressure Wave
EQSsEnvironmental Quality Standards
ESFACEngineered Safety Feature Actuation Cabinet
ESFASEngineered Safety Feature Actuation System
ETCEPR Technical Codes
ETSEmissions Trading Scheme
EUEuropean Union
EUREuropean Utility Requirements
FAFuel Assembly
FACFlow-Accelerated Corrosion
F&BFeed and Bleed
FCGFangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant
FCLFirst Core Load
FCSField Control Station
FDFFuel Damage Frequency
F-GasFluorinated Greenhouse Gases
FGCFunctional Group Control
FLFull Load
FLCVFull Load Control Valve
FLBFeedwater Line Break
FLIVFull Load Line Isolation Valve
FMFuel Management
FMEAFailure Mode and Effects Analysis
FPFull Power
FPSTFault and Protection Schedule Table
FRFuel Rod
FRSFloor Response Spectra
FSARFinal Safety Analysis Report
FWHFeedwater Heater
FWPFeedwater Pump
GBChinese National Standards
GBDGraphical Block Diagram
GCGroup Control
GCBGenerator Circuit Breaker
GDAGeneric Design Assessment
GDA JVGeneric Design Assessment Joint Venture
GDFGeological Disposal Facility
GDSGenerator Disconnecting Switch
GEPGeneric Environmental Permit
GEP-RSRGeneric Environmental Permit-Radioactive Substance Regulation
GHGGreenhouse Gas
GIGround Investigation
GISGraphical Information System
GMCGround Motion Characterisation
GMMGround Motion Model
GMPEGround Motion Prediction Equation
GNIGeneral Nuclear International Limited, UK subsidiary of CGN
GRCAsGrey Rod Cluster Assemblies
GSRGeneric Security Report
HADChinese Nuclear Safety Guidelines
HAFChinese Nuclear Safety Regulations
HVACHeating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System
HAWHigher Activity Waste
HBSCHuman-Based Safety Claim
HBSOHuman-Based Safety Objective
HCPHard Control Panel
HELBHigh Energy Line Break
HEPHuman Error Probability
HEPAHigh Efficiency Particulate Air Filter
HFHuman Factors
HFEHuman Factors Engineering
HFIHuman Factors Integration
HFPHot Full Power
HFTHot Functional Test
HICHigh Integrity Component
HIREHazard Identification and Risk Evaluation
HLHot Leg
HLPDHigh Linear Power Density
HLWHigh Level Waste
HMGHer Majesty’s Government
HOFHuman & Organisational Factors
HPHigh Pressure
HPCHinkley Point C
HPMEHigh Pressure Melt Ejection
HPR1000Hua-long Pressurized Reactor
HPR1000 (FCG3)Hua-long Pressurized Reactor under construction at Fangchenggang nuclear power plant unit 3
HPSHigh Pressure Steam
HPTHigh Pressure Turbine
HRAHuman Reliability Analysis
H&SHealth & Safety
HSEHealth and Safety Executive
HSGHSE Guidance Note
HSW ActHealth and Safety at Work etc Act 1974
HT 1High Temperature
HT 2Heat treatment
HYHHongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant
HZPHot Zero Power
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency
IAOsInformation Asset Owners
I&CInstrumentation and Control
ICIInside Containment Isolation
ICRPInternational Commission on Radiological Protection
IDInner Diameter
iDACInterim Design Acceptance Confirmation
IEInitiating Event
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commission
IEDIndustrial Emissions Directive
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IFAIrradiated Fuel Assemblies
IMSInformation Management System
IPSIntegrated Protection Solution
IRAInitial Radiological Assessment
IT Information Technique
IRWSTIn-containment Refueling Water Storage Tank
ISIIn-Service Inspection
ISOInternational Standard Organization
iSoDAInterim Statement of Design Acceptability
IVRIn-Vessel Retention
JPOJoint Project Office
K ICCritical Stress Intensity Factor
LALing’ao Nuclear Power Plant
LBBLeak Before Break
LBDLicensing Basis Documentation
LCOLimiting Condition of Operation
LCPLocal Control Panel/Low Core Plate
LCSLocal Control Station
LDPLarge Display Panel
LDSLeak Detection System
LFCGLife Time Fatigue Crack Growth
LHSILow Head Safety Injection
LLCVLow Load Control Valve
LLIVLow Load Isolation Valve
LLW/Low Level Waste
ILWIntermediate Level Waste
LLWRLow Level waste repository Ltd
LoCLetter of Compliance  
LOCALoss of Coolant Accident
2A-LOCAdouble-ended guillotine LOCA
SB-LOCASmall Break(Loss of Coolant Accident)
IB-LOCAIntermediate Break(Loss of Coolant Accident)
LB-LOCALarge Break(Loss of Coolant Accident)
LoPCALoss of Primary Coolant Accident
LOOPLoss of Offsite Power
LPLow Pressure
LPSDLow Power and Shutdown
LPT 1Low Pressure Turbine
LPT 2Liquid Penetrant Test
LRFLarge Release Frequency
LSFPCLoss of Spent Fuel Pool Cooling
LT 1Low Temperature
LT 2Lower Tier
LUHSLoss of Ultimate Heat Sink
MCCIMolten Core-Concrete Interaction
MCDMedium Pressure Rapid Cooldown
MCERTSMonitoring Certification Scheme
MCLMain Coolant Line
MCMMain Computerized control Mean
MCRMain Control Room
MCSMaintenance Cold Shutdown
MDEPMultinational Design Evaluation Programme
MDSLMaster Document Submission List
MEPMinistry of Environmental Protection of China
MHSIMedium Head Safety Injection
MIVMain Isolation Valve
MERMass and Energy Release
MFIVMain Feedwater Isolation Valve
MFLMinimum Flow Line
MGMixing Grid
MLOMid-Loop Operation
MMOMarine Management Organisation
MMRMonitoring and Reporting Regulation
M-NETManagement Network
MOCMiddle of Cycle
MOLMiddle of Life
MRFMass Release Frequency
MSMain Steam
MSHMain Steam Header
MSMGMid Span Mixing Grid
MSRMoisture Separator Reheater
MSTMMulti-Stud Tensioning Machine
MSLMain Steam Line
MSLBMain Steam Line Break
MSIVMain Steam Isolation Valve
MSQAManagement System and Quality Assurance
MSRCVMain Steam Relief Control Valve
MSRIVMain Steam Relief Isolation Valve
MSRTMain Steam Relief Train
MSSVMain Steam Safety Valve
MTMagnetic Penetrant Testing
MW thMegawatt (thermal input)
NBChinese Energy Standard
NDNingde Nuclear Power Plant
NDANuclear Decommissioning Authority
NDTNon Destructive Test
NEANational Energy Association
NEPRGNuclear Emergency Planning and Response Guidance
NHSNon-human Species
NINuclear Island
NIINuclear Installations Inspectorate
NIMCANuclear Industries Malicious Capabilities Planning Assumptions
NMANuclear Material Accountancy
NMACNuclear Maintenance Applications Centre
NMASNuclear Material Accountancy and Safeguards
NNB GenCoEDF Nuclear New Build Generating Company
NNSANational Nuclear Safety Administration
NPNominal Power
NPCNational People's Congress
NPPNuclear Power Plant
NPSHNet Positive Suction Head
NRNarrow Range
NRCNuclear Regulatory Commission
NSC 1Nuclear Security Case
NSC 2Nuclear and Radiation Safety Centre
NSLNuclear Site License
NSSPNuclear Site Security Plan
NSSSNuclear Steam Supply System
OAFOperator Aid Function
OBEOperating Basis Earthquake
OCNSOffice for Civil Nuclear Security
ODOutside Diameter
ODSOzone-depleting Substances
OECCOn-site Emergency Control Center
OFOperating Function
ONROffice for Nuclear Regulation
OPEXOperating Experience
OREOccupational Radiation Exposure
OSMOutline Study Methodology
OTSOperating Technical Specification
OWPOperator Workplace
PAMCPost-Accident Monitoring Cabinets
PAMSPost-Accident Monitoring System
PARsPassive Autocatalytic Recombiners
PC 1Partial Cooldown
PC 2Project Correspondent
PCCPlant Condition Categories
PCERPre-Construction Environment Report
PCIPellet - Cladding Interaction
PCSRPre-Construction Safety Report
PCmSRPre-Commissioning Safety Report
PCTPeaking Cladding Temperature
PDMSPlant Design Management Tool
PDS 1Primary Depressurization System
PDS 2Plant Damage State
PFDHAProbabilistic Fault Displacement Hazard Analysis
PGAPeak Ground Acceleration
PHCPrimary Hazard Calculation
PHEPublic Health England
pH TThe high-temperature pH value
PIPulse Input
PICSProcess Information and Control System
PIEPostulated Initiating Event
P&IDPiping and Instrumentation Diagram
PIPSProcess Instrumentation Pre-processing System
PLCProgrammable Logic Controller
PNSPrimary Neutron Source
PNSAPrimary Neutron Source Assembly
POSPlant Operating State
POSRPre-Operational Safety Report
P&TPressure and Temperature
PQRWelding Procedure Qualification
PRAProbabilistic Risk Assessment
PRBPressure Retaining Boundary
PRCPeople’s Republic of China
PRDPower Range Detector
Pre-GDAPre Generic Design Assessment
PRT 1Peer Review Team
PRT 2Pressurizer Relief Tank
PSProtection System
PSA 1Probabilistic Safety Assessment
PSA 2Primary Source Assembly
PSARPreliminary Safety Analysis Report
PSASPlant Standard Automation System
PSFPassive Single Failure
PSHAProbabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment
P SIPre-Service Inspection
PSRPreliminary Safety Report
PSVPressurizer Safety Valve
PSIVPressurizer Safety Isolation Valve
PT 1Periodic Test
PT 2Liquid Penetrant Testing
PWHTPost Weld Heat Treatment
PWRPressurized Water Reactor
QAQuality Assurance
QEDSQualified Examination Defect Size
QDQuick Disconnect
QMSQuality Management System
RAMReliability, Availability, Maintainability
RCARadiation Controlled Area
RCCARod Cluster Control Assembly
RCC-EDesign and Building Rules for Electric Equipment for Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Islands
RCC-MDesign and Building Rules for Mechanical Equipment for Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Islands
RCDReactor Complete Discharge
RCPBReactor Coolant Pressure Boundary
RCPReactor Coolant Pump
RCSRefuelling Cold Shutdown
R&DResearch and Development
REDACEReal-time and Deterministic Application Coding Environment
REPRadioactive Substances Regulation – Environmental Principles
REPPIRThe Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations
RfQRequest for Quotation
RFSARRevised Final Safety Analysis Report
RGRegulatory Guidance
RGPRelevant Good Practice
RHRResidual Heat Removal
RIRegulator Issue
RINFrench national identification code for valves
RORegulator Observation
RoAReport of Assessment
ROUReverse Osmosis Unit
RP 1Radiation Protection
RP 2Requesting Party
RPCReactor Protection Cabinet
RPCSReactor Power Control System
RPIRod Position Instrumentation
RPSReactor Protection System
RPVReactor Pressure Vessel
RPVLReactor Pressure Vessel Level
RQ 1Regulator Query
RQ 2Risk Quotient
RSSRemote Shutdown Station
RT 1Reactor Trip
RT 2Radiographic Testing
RTPRated Thermal Power
RT NDTReference Nil Ductility Transition Temperature
RTSReactor Trip System
RVIReactor Pressure Vessel  Internals
RWMRadioactive Waste Management Ltd
/ryper reactor year
SA 1Severe Accident
SA 2Spectral Amplitude
SACSafety Automation Cabinet
SADVSevere Accident Dedicated Valve
SAGESafe video Graphic console panel Environment
SAMGSevere Accident Management Guideline
SAPsSafety Assessment Principles for Nuclear Facilities
SASSafety Automation System
SA I&CSevere Accident I&C
SBOStation Black Out
SC1Safety Classification 1
SC2Safety Classification 2
SCCStress Corrosion Cracking
SCCAStationary Cluster Control Assembly or Stationary Core Component Assembly
SCIDSafety Control and Information Device
SDRSystem Design Report
SDRSStandard Design Response Spectra
SEDSSelf-Engaging Dewatering System
SFSpent Fuel
SFASpent Fuel Assembly
SFAIRPSo Far As Is Reasonably Practicable
SFCSingle Failure Criterion
SFISSpent Fuel Interim Storage
SFPSpent Fuel Pool
SFPCSpent Fuel Pool Crane
SFRsSafety Function Requirements
SGSteam Generator
SGaAffected Steam Generator
SGTRSteam Generator Tube Rupture
SHPSevere accident Human interface Panel
SHWPSeismic Hazard Working Party
SISafety Injection
SIC-1Structural Integrity Class 1
SIC-2Structural Integrity Class 2
SIC-3Structural Integrity Class 3
SICSSafety Information and Control System
SIROSenior Information Risk Owner
SLSurge Line
SLASite License Application
SLBSteam Line Break
SLCSub Loop Control
S-NETSystem Network
SNISensitive Nuclear Information
SNS Secondary Neutron Source
SoDAStatement of Design Acceptability
SOPState Oriented Procedure
SPAR-HStandardized Plant Risk Analysis-Human Reliability Analysis Procedure
SPCSignal Pre-processing Cabinet
SPNDSelf-Powered Neutron Detector
SPRHRSecondary Passive Residual Heat Removal System
SPSASeismic Probabilistic Safety Assessment
SQEPSuitably Qualified and Experienced Person
SRDSource Range Detector
SRHTStress Relieve Heat Treatment
SRPStandard Review Plan
SRTFSite Radwaste Treatment Facility
SSStainless Steel
SSA Secondary Source Assembly
SSCsStructures, Systems and Components
SSESafe Shutdown Earthquake
SSE1Seismic Category 1
SSFPStar-up and Shutdown Feedwater Pump
SSISoil Structure Interaction
SSMSeismic Source Model
SSPBSecondary Side Pressure Boundary
SSRSpecific Safety Requirements
SSSStandstill Seal System
STStandby Transformer
STPStandard temperature and pressure (273.15 K and 1 atm)
SyAPsSecurity Assessment Principles
SZCSizewell C
TBCVTurbine Bypass Control valve
TBIVTurbine Bypass Isolation Valve
TCDTeam of Chief Designers
TCLSThermoelectric Converter of Level Sensor
TDTechnical Delivery
TAGsTechnical Assessment Guides
TGTurbine Generators
TGCSTurbine Generator Control System
THThermal Hydraulic
TIGTungsten Inert Gas
TLOCCTotal Loss of Cooling Chain
TLOFWTotal Loss of Feedwater
TORThe Tolerability of Risk from Nuclear Power Stations
TPAThimble Plug Assembly
TSCTechnical Support Center
TSPTri-Sodium Phosphate
TSSTransport Security Statement
TTTop Tier
UCPUpper Core Plate
UHS 1Unified Hazard Spectra
UHS 2Ultimate Heat Sink
UK HPR1000The UK version of the Hua-long Pressurized Reactor
UKUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
ULCrossover Leg
URCUnacceptable Radiological Consequence
URDUtility Requirements Document
URWPUncontrolled RCCA bank Withdrawal at Power
UPSUninterruptible Power Supply
USUnit Supervisor
USPUpper Support Plate
UT 1Ultrasonic Test
UT 2Unit Transformer
VAIVital Area Identification
VCTVolume Control Tank
VDUVisual Display Unit
VLLCVVery Low Load Control Valve
VLLWVery Low Level Waste
V-LOCALoss of Coolant Accident with Containment bypass
VTVisual Testing
WACWaste acceptance criteria
WANOWorld Association of Nuclear Operators
WBWaste Treatment Building
WENRAWestern European Nuclear Regulators Association
WRWide Range
WSWork Specification
WULCVWarm-up Line Control Valve
WULIVWarm-up Line Isolation Valves
YJYangjiang Nuclear Power Plant
ZOIZone of Influence
YJYangjiang Nuclear Power Plant
ZOIZone of Influence